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Advertise with Compost Junkie

We are now making room for a very limited number of advertisers. We are selling 15 and only 15; banners in the 160 x 60 size on our right margin. We standardized on 160 x 60 because it will create a uniform look to our site and allow all advertisers reasonable exposure.

A Unique Advertising Model

Most sites sell higher positions for more money, is charging a flat fee (with a discount for long term buyers) and ad positions are rotated every week. New advertisers start at the bottom of the stack and each week the top position is rotated to the bottom to allow all advertisers equal time at various positions on the site for one low rate.

Only 15 Positions Available

We have 15 slots to run our banner ads in, we reserve one for our sites personal use and one which we give as a free “grant” to one company each year for supporting our website. We take no preferential treatment in the rotation with our own slots, we rotate from top to bottom just like all of our advertisers.

This approach give you high exposure to a laser-targeted audience. Pricing is as follows…

  • 1 Full Year (12 months) is only $900.00 (just 75 dollars a month)
  • 6 Months is only $540.00 (just 90 dollars a month)
  • 3 Months is only $300.00 (just 100 dollars a month)

To Apply As An Advertiser

First let us say we do see advertising on our site as a true endorsement. Hence we will NOT accept all advertisers (THIS IS NOT A MARKETING PLOY WE DO AND WILL CONTINUE TO TURN DOWN SPONSORS THAT DON’T MEASURE UP), to be approved you must follow the instructions outlined below. We will not accept any advertiser unless we are willing to vouch for your company and your product. We are not in the advertising business at we are in the business of serving our Tribe.

To Apply as an Advertiser…

1. Email the page you want your banner to link to and a copy of the banner you plan to use (if you have one) to “info at” or use our contact us page. Also include the term you want to initially sign up for.

2. We will then poll 5 of our most active members and they will be asked to vote on acceptance of you as a new advertiser (This is our Tribe’s Ad Council). If they vote yes you are in, if they vote no you’re out even if we disagree. We are sorry but we made this commitment to our Tribe members long ago, we won’t violate it.

3. Once you are accepted (it should not take more then 3-4 days) we will notify you and let you know where to send payments to via PayPal or if you prefer you may pay by check but it will take longer to get your ad running.

4. Within 24 hours of receipt of your funds and your ad banner we will begin running your ads for the agreed upon term.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising With Us

Question – I don’t have a 236 x 60 banner, can you make one for me?

Answer – In most instances the answer is “yes”, but for a small fee of $50. This assumes you have some source graphics we can use and you know what you want it to say, etc.


Question – How much traffic will you send me?

Answer – There is no way we can guarantee any traffic volume because your product, ad creative and your position in the rotation will have a large effect on this. Additionally, you should consider not just direct traffic but the branding effect of being seen on our site on a daily basis and mentions YOU WILL GET on our upcoming podcast.


Question – How many people visit the site each month?

Answer – On average our website is viewed by approximately 10,000-12,000 visitors each month (Our goal is to serve 50,000+ visitors/month within one year). Our best estimates by monitoring Google Analytics is our average daily visitors amount to about 350 as of 01-12-11. The average visitor spends approximately 3-4 minutes on the site and views an average of 2.6 pages per visit.

This model of advertising was created by and adopted from one of our mentors, Jack Spirko, from The Survival Podcast and The Five Minutes with Jack Business Podcast. Thanks for everything you do Jack!