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My Favorite Freebie Container

by Amyellyn
(Oakland, CA)

My favorite freebie compost container is a plastic bucket that originally held cat litter. Admittedly, it’s not very pretty, but it holds lots of kitchen scraps, has an airtight lid, a handle for carrying out to my compost bin, and fits nicely under my sink. My husband wrapped it in white contact paper and wrote little signs on each side which read “COMPOST: DO NOT PUT IN EAR!”

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Dec 01, 2011
Composting Container Photo Please
by: Anonymous


Shame on You!!

How can you possibly post a comment like this and not provide The Compost Junkie Tribe with a photo or two? 🙂

I kid I kid.

I love your enthusiasm and creativity. Now in all honesty…SHOW US A PICTURE!!!


Oct 28, 2012
Tidy Cat container for under the counter compost
by: Anonymous

I have used this too. For a long time I had a Tidy Cat container with a snap-on lid that had a 3/4 flip opening. Until the flip lid hinge cracked and then broke, it was great and kept fruit flies out too whe n properly closed. Unfortuantely I don’t use that type of litter, plus I am looking for a container that is foot-pedal activated. But you are right, it’s the least expensive under-the-counter option!

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