WF-500p Westcom Industrail Compost Machine

Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The WF-500p Westcom Industrial Compost Machine is a user-friendly biodigester that converts food waste to compost within 24 hours using proprietary Microbites technology. It has a recommended daily capacity of 500KG and features no water discharge, low energy usage, cloud computing, and in-house R&D.

The microbes used in the compost machine are produced in Singapore. The biodigester does not require water drainage installation as the aerobic digestion process emits water from the food waste without need for additional piping. The compost by-product can either be kept by customers for personal use or collected by the company for recycling purposes.

If non-food waste items are disposed in the biodigester, they may not be degraded by the microbes and can be sieved out. The system is RFID enabled to track user data for mandatory monthly food waste reports. Microbes may need to be topped up during routine servicing, depending on capacity utilization and food waste dampness.

The company offers compact biodigester models for smaller spaces and can recommend the appropriate size based on a food waste audit. The biodigester is designed to manage odors effectively, and it has been installed in healthcare environments like Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. The microbes can process various segregated food waste including post-cooked food with oil, although excessive oil content may impact their performance.

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