TMK-5 Electric Compost Machine

People's Republic of China
TMK-5 Electric Compost Machine
Type of business: Manufacturer

Electric Compost Machine is a fully automatic Bio-Mechanical Composter. Uses a micro-organism-based technology that is proven and sustainable. When you add organic waste into the machine, it converts it into compost enriched with nitrogen. The conversion process also reduces the volume of the original organic waste by about 90%.

It is good and suitable for home, school, office, church, and garden. Take your initiative at home and contribute to the environment.


TMK-5 is a fully automatic kitchen composter, which unites a natural composting process with unique and smart technology. The Electric Compost Machine reduces the food waste volume and treated materials could be reused.
The variety of the organic waste that can be composted using this machine is generally wide. They include such refuse as vegetables, vegetable waste, fruits and fruit skins, cooked or uncooked meat, egg shells, bread/bakery items, street-sweeping leaves, leaves and tree branches, flowers, and temple waste. Basically, these are organic waste from the kitchen or anything else coming from plants or animals so long as they are bio-degradable.
There’s no denying the fact that global warming is a critical issue that is having a huge impact on life on Earth. This is why we should all work together and do what we can to reduce our impacts on our environment. Investing in a TMK Electric Compost Machine will enable you to safely and economically dispose of your household food waste and it’s never been so easy!
  • Easy to use! Simply separate water and solids (such as bones and eggshells, etc.) then put them into the machine for processing.
  • Decompose food waste into fertilizer after 24 hours.
  • The fertilizer produced is 100% organic fertilizer with NPK value according to the international standard.
  • You only need to add microorganisms once. The microorganisms will continually replicate and replace themselves.
  • Safe, user and eco-friendly, Fully Automatic.
  • No unpleasant smells in your home.


  • Decompose food waste into fertilizer after 24 hours
  • Safe, user, and eco friendly
  • Virtually no odor was released
  • With UV lamp disinfection
  • With temperature detection
  • With trouble alarm
  • With power save mode
  • With door safety protection


When you put the leftovers into the ma­chine, yeast inside will start the decompos­ing process, which is odorless thanks to the UV light that produces free radicals to react with organic gas resulting from the yeast. The residue gas will be burned by metal catalysts and further broken down into water and carbon dioxide.


  1. FILL: A one-way ticket for your food scraps: Put your organic waste continuously into TMK-5.
  2. TRANSFORM: Start TMK-5 and its magic. In only 24 hours your organic waste turns into nutritious compost.
  3. USE: Compost to go. Your homemade compost is ready-to-use, super fresh, and a nutrient-rich booster for your plant soil or garden.

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