The Junior Wormery

The Junior Wormery
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

This Junior Wormery is a compact and practical solution for creating vermicompost at home. It comes with tiger worms, lime mix, and coir bedding, along with detailed instructions for easy setup. The wormery is designed to be ideal for small spaces like flats, balconies, and studios, making it suitable for single-person use or for children to learn about composting.

Key Features:
– Includes everything you need to start creating vermicompost
– Compact size: Capacity of 18 liters, with dimensions of 35cm diameter and 36cm height
– Comes with a sealed Brass Aeration Vent for indoor or outdoor use
– Complete with tiger worms, making it ready for use right away
– Easy to set up and operate with an internal drainage system
– Recommended for small flats, studios, and balconies

– Capacity: 18 liters
– Delivery Time: Approximately 3-5 days
– Colour: Silver
– Weight: 5 kg

If you are considering purchasing the wormery as a gift or for future use, you may opt for a worm card voucher instead of live worms. This ensures that the live tiger worms are delivered when you are ready to set up the wormery.

Overall, the Junior Wormery offers a convenient and efficient way to compost organic waste in a small space, with all the necessary components included for a successful vermicomposting experience.

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