T240 Composter Machine

T240 Composter Machine
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Big Hanna composter is a versatile waste management solution for processing food waste in various settings, including households, restaurants, and canteens. It offers several models with different capacities and capabilities, tailored to different waste amounts and types. Here are some key features and considerations based on the provided technical information:

1. **Capacity and Efficiency**:
– The capacity of the Big Hanna composter varies depending on the model, ranging from smaller units suitable for households to larger models for catering environments.
– The machines can reduce food waste by up to 90%, making them efficient for waste management.
– Mechanical dewatering equipment can increase the capacity by reducing the volume and weight of food waste.

2. **Energy Consumption**:
– The energy consumption of the composter is low, with the cylinder typically rotating only one minute every hour.
– The biological process generates heat, keeping energy consumption low even when used outdoors.
– Temperature sensors help regulate the heater, optimizing energy usage.

3. **Materials and Construction**:
– The Big Hanna composter is made of stainless steel, providing durability and cleanliness.
– The machines are CE-marked, ensuring compliance with European health, safety, and environmental regulations.

4. **Optional Equipment**:
– Various optional equipment, such as mobile or wireless routers, alarms, energy meters, scales, and sensors, can enhance the functionality and monitoring capabilities of the composters.

5. **Maintenance and Cleaning**:
– Regular maintenance, including checking the biological process, adding absorbent materials, and ensuring proper ventilation, is necessary to keep the composter running effectively.
– Cleaning the area around the composter is essential to prevent odors and maintain hygiene standards.

6. **Customization for Different Environments**:
– Different infeed systems, including hoppers, shredders, and dewatering units, are available based on the specific needs of restaurants, canteens, or households.
– The composter can process food waste from various sources, and customized solutions are offered for different waste types and collection systems.

Overall, the Big Hanna composter offers a convenient and environmentally friendly way to manage food waste, with options suitable for a range of applications. The models’ capacities, energy efficiency, and optional equipment make them versatile solutions for reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.

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