Soil and Compost Thermometer

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Soil and Compost Thermometer
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A Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer takes the guesswork out of composting. With a basic understanding of the temperature at the center of your compost pile you will know:

  • When to Turn Your Pile
  • When to Add More Material
  • When to Water
  • When Your Compost is Done

Basic composting instructions are included on the packaging and in our digital PDF guide. It’s the perfect companion for your compost pile, compost bin, or compost tumbler.

Reotemp has been manufacturing accurate and durable thermometers since 1965. We’re confident that our compost thermometer is the most accurate and durable backyard model on the market.

  • Stem Length: Perfect for Small to Medium Sized Home Compost Piles
  • A Thick 1/4″ Diameter StemThicker than the Competition and Has Less of a Chance of Bending
  • Hermetically Sealed Dial: Won’t Fog Up and Can be Left in the Compost Pile Over Night
  • Reinforced Construction: Works to Prevent the Dial from Separating from the Stem
  • Quality Bimetal Coils: Benefit from Our Expertise, REOTEMP has Been Manufacturing Thermometers Since 1965

Reotemp partnered with composting experts to develop the compost activity ranges highlighted on the dial. At a glance you will know how your pile is doing: Steady, Active or Hot.

Only one question remains…HOW HOT’S YOUR PILE?

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