Single Lid To Fit 400, 800 & 1150 Litre Blackdown Wooden Composters

Single Lid To Fit 400, 800 & 1150 Litre Blackdown Wooden Composters
Made From Wood
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Original Organics British Wooden Composters are made from British timber sourced from UK forestry. The timber is 22mm thick, thicker than many competitors who typically use 15mm thick timber. The wood is Redwood and all timber products are fully FSC certified and EUTR compliant, ensuring sustainable and ethical sourcing.

These composters are treated with UK and EU approved water-based wood preserving treatment, providing a 15-year guarantee. They are manufactured in the UK, supporting British jobs and reducing the carbon footprint compared to imported alternatives. The self-assembly design does not use screws.

The product includes high-quality fitted wooden lids treated with non-toxic preservative to protect beneficial insects in the bin. The preservative treatment allows for a 15-year warranty, although the color of the wood may vary due to the treatment process. Wet timber upon delivery is normal and should not impact use, but some warping and twisting may occur as the wood dries out. Shrinkage can be mitigated by securely fastening screws during installation.

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