Simple Human Composting Caddy

5 Thames Court, High Street, Goring-on-Thames, Oxon, RG8 9AQ
Simple Human Composting Caddy
Type of business: Retailer

Feed your garden and store compost scraps easily and efficiently with our odour-minimising stainless steel compost caddy. It attaches to a magnetic dock that hangs at the side of your rectangular or slim liner rim bin, or you can detach it for use on your kitchen counter. The soft-seal lid allows food scraps to breathe, keeping odour under control and pests away. The plastic inner bucket is removable so it’s easy to dump out scraps or clean. The caddy’s stainless steel surface is protected by an invisible fingerprint-proof coating that is also resistant to germs. A 30-pack of code Z custom fit compostable liners is included — the liners fit the caddy perfectly and can be thrown out along with your food scraps since they decompose fully. The bin’s stainless steel surface is protected by an invisible silver-ion coating that resists fingerprints and germs (brushed model only).

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