Ridan Pro 400

Ridan Pro 400
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

### Ridan Pro 400 Composting Machine Review:

The Ridan Pro 400 is a highly efficient composting machine designed for on-site food waste recycling. Here are some key features and specifications:

– **Maximum Throughput:** Capable of processing up to 400 litres (200kg) of food waste per week.
– **Unit Dimensions:** 2.5 meters in length, 1.0 meter in width, and 1.6 meters in height.
– **Unit Weight (empty):** Weighs 70kg.
– **Price:** £4650 plus VAT for the Ridan Pro 400. Maturation boxes are available at £480 each plus VAT.
– **Easy Gear Technology:** Designed for easy operation without the need for power. Suitable for users of all ages.
– **Robust Construction:** Made of stainless steel and weather-proof materials for durability and longevity.
– **Environmentally Friendly:** Processes food waste and biodegradable green waste on-site, promoting responsible waste management.

### Pros:
1. **No Power Required:** Can be placed anywhere without the need for electricity.
2. **Easy to Use:** Features Easy Gear technology for effortless composting.
3. **Durable Build:** Stainless steel frame ensures longevity.
4. **Environmentally Responsible:** Facilitates on-site food waste recycling.
5. **Suitable for Various Settings:** Ideal for schools, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

### Cons:
1. **Initial Cost:** The machine and maturation boxes may require a significant upfront investment.
2. **Wood Chip Requirement:** Additional cost for providing wood chips may be a consideration.

In conclusion, the Ridan Pro 400 composting machine is a versatile and efficient solution for managing food waste responsibly. With its user-friendly design and durable construction, it is suitable for a variety of settings. However, potential buyers should factor in the initial cost and ongoing wood chip requirements.

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