Ridan Compost Box 10

Ridan Compost Box 10
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Ridan Compost Box 10 is a high-capacity composting machine suitable for up to 10 people, with a weekly food waste capacity of up to 35 liters. It features a sturdy stainless steel construction with a clever hexagonal design for rigidity. The unit is delivered fully assembled and includes instructions for use.

Key Features:
– Suitable for domestic home use, small shops and businesses, allotments
– Stainless steel casing for durability and weather resistance
– Insulated with 3cm thick foam for year-round composting
– Underfloor aeration system for airflow and worm access
– Clever design with air vents and top loading hatch
– No power required for operation, versatile placement in the garden
– Allows for the addition of bio-degradable matter including food waste and green waste
– Produces organic, peat-free compost in approximately three months
– Helps reduce greenhouse gases and promotes sustainability

Overall, the Ridan Compost Box 10 offers a convenient and effective solution for composting, ensuring optimal conditions for the composting process. Its innovative features set it apart from traditional composters on the market, making it a reliable choice for those looking to minimize waste and create organic compost.

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