Paper Fibre Apple Storage Trays (Set of 50)

Paper Fibre Apple Storage Trays (Set of 50)
Made From Organic
Type of business: Manufacturer

Product Review:

The Selections Biodegradable Paper Fruit Storage Trays offer a eco-friendly and convenient solution for storing fruit. The trays are designed with 11 slots that are 9cm wide and 7cm deep, providing ample space for various fruits.

The biodegradable paper fibre material is a standout feature, ensuring sustainability and environmentally friendly use. Each tray measures 40cm by 28cm, making it suitable for storing a significant amount of fruit.

Furthermore, the ability to compost the trays once they are no longer needed adds to their overall value. They can also be repurposed as fibre seed planting pots, showcasing versatility and reducing waste.

Overall, these fruit storage trays are a practical, sustainable, and efficient option for prolonging the freshness of your produce.

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL425
Dimensions: 40cm x 28cm x 7cm
Quantity: Set of 50 trays

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