Non Electric Self Contained Composting Toilet

Non Electric Self Contained Composting Toilet
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Excel NE composting toilet is designed for those living off-grid and does not require a continuous 110-volt power supply. It features a 4″ vent for odorless operation, with the option to install a 12-volt fan for better air movement and efficiency.

It has a composting capacity suitable for 2 adults or a family of 3 for residential use, and up to 5 adults or a family of 7 for weekend and vacation use. The evaporating capacity is variable, and it is recommended to connect the 1″ drain at the rear to an approved drain pit or container.

With a weight of 81 lbs and dimensions of 36 × 28 × 36 in, the Excel NE is available in white. Due to its weight, shipping details need to be arranged by contacting the Sun-Mar sales department directly for purchase.

Overall, the Excel NE is a reliable option for those seeking an off-grid composting toilet solution with efficient odor control and composting capabilities.

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