Ms.Tumbles Compost Tumbler

Ms.Tumbles Compost Tumbler
Made From Hard PLastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The s.Tumbles Compost Tumbler is a 35-gallon rotatable container designed to create compost easily and efficiently. With a round shape that prevents wall panel misshaping, this compost tumbler is built to last longer. The tight panel fit allows for the collection of leachate for making compost tea through a drain hose with an exclusive cut off valve.

Key Features:
– Round design for easier turning and durability
– Larger door opening for easy filling and emptying
– Panel fit for leachate collection and compost tea making

– Suggested Retail Price: $99.99
– Assembled Dimensions: 24” wide x 23” top to bottom
– Capacity: 35 gallons
– Door Opening: 15” x 13.5” wide
– Size with Stand: 38” high x 28” wide
– Ground Clearance to Ball: 13”
– Carton Size: 19.3” x 19.3” x 11” high
– Carton Weight: 18.7 lbs
– Composter Weight: 15.6 lbs

Overall, the s.Tumbles Compost Tumbler offers a user-friendly design with convenient features for effective composting.

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