Démeterra® 160 electromechanical composter

Démeterra® 160 electromechanical composter
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Démeterra 160 electromechanical composter by UpCycle is a large-scale composting system designed to process 160 kg of bio-waste per day and up to 58 tonnes per year. It is suitable for establishments such as restaurants with 1600 customers per day or neighborhood composting projects. The composter is efficient, with a high compost outlet accommodating 900-liter pallet bins to minimize daily handling.

The electromechanical composter operates by using electrical power to turn the mechanism, which aerates the bio-waste mixture with powerful blades. This process optimizes the work of bacteria present in the waste, resulting in faster composting compared to traditional methods. The composter is designed to handle various types of bio-waste, including kitchen scraps, green waste, and compostable packaging.

Key features of the Démeterra 160 composter include controlled airflow to manage odors, smart technology for waste weighing and mixing control, and different auto programs for various scenarios. The composting process takes around 15 days, resulting in fresh compost that meets NF 44 051 standards.

The composter is built to last, with main parts designed for a lifespan of over 15 years and easy repairability for longevity. Overall, the Démeterra 160 composter offers a sustainable and efficient solution for large-scale bio-waste composting needs.

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