Made From Hard PLastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Composter 660 is a 660-liter capacity compost bin made from recycled or virgin PP material, which makes it robust and weather-resistant. It features a structure with 4 separate rapid-lock sectors and aeration slits to encourage composting. The lid is hinged to the main body with a front latch to prevent it from opening in windy conditions.

– Large 660-liter capacity
– Made from high-quality recycled plastic
– Encourages rapid and continuous composting
– Weather-resistant and durable
– Convenient design for adding and removing compost materials

– No specific warranty information provided
– May require manual aerator for optimal composting efficiency

Overall, the Composter 660 seems like a reliable option for those looking to efficiently compost garden waste, fruit, vegetables, and kitchen scraps. The design features are aimed at maximizing the composting process and producing nutrient-rich soil. Consider adding a manual aerator for better results.

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