Made From Hard PLastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Composter 310 is a durable and weather-resistant composting unit made from recycled or virgin PP material. It has a volume of 310 liters and weighs 9.0 kg. The design includes a main body with a truncate conical monocoque, upper feeding mouth, and front opening for mature compost extraction. The lid is hinged to the body with a front latch to prevent it from opening in windy conditions.

Additional features include a sliding front door with grip, aeration slits in the base for side and bottom aeration, and a seat for a central aeration cone. Optional accessories like a bio-accelerator to speed up composting and a manual aerator are available.

Overall, the Composter 310 is designed to facilitate rapid and continuous composting of garden waste, fruit, and vegetables into nutrient-rich compost that can improve soil quality. It is suitable for disposing of kitchen waste from household pre-sorting containers. Pairing this composter with ESE container systems for bio recyclables offers a comprehensive solution for bio waste management.

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