Composter 280 LT + Base

Composter 280 LT + Base
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

Product Review:

The bell-shaped composter features a convenient design for composting at home. The smooth internal and external walls facilitate easy cleaning, and the two lids (top and bottom) provide practical access points. Filling the composter is made simple through an additional opening on the top lid, and the hinged lid adds to the ease of use.

The perforated base with an air channel ensures proper aeration for the composting process. A sliding door allows for effortless removal of compost, while the lid with ventilation adjustment offers versatility for different seasons. Additionally, a composting manual is included for guidance.

Optional activator and aerator accessories are available for purchase to aid in starting and maintaining the composting process. Overall, this bell-shaped composter provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for composting household waste.

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