Compost Tumbler JK270

Compost Tumbler JK270
Made From other metal
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Compost JK 270 is a medium-sized hot composter designed for households with up to 6 people, kindergartens, or small companies. It efficiently turns food waste into compost within about 3 months. Here are some key features:

– **Outer Dimensions:** 1160×886 mm
– **Weight:** 38 kg
– **Capacity:** Up to 30 litres/week
– **Insulation:** 50 mm EVA
– **Material:** Outer casing in galvanized lacquered steel sheet, pest-proof, and made from 100% recyclable material.

– Easy and convenient to use.
– Pest-proof construction.
– Includes a stand for easy emptying with a wheelbarrow underneath.
– Made from recyclable materials.
– Optional wall-mounting stand available.

– Weight is slightly heavier.

Overall, the Compost JK 270 is a practical and efficient solution for composting organic waste in medium-sized households or small businesses.

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