Compost Makers

Compost Makers
Type of business: Manufacturer

Compost Makers is a product designed to accelerate the composting process, yielding rich organic compost in a matter of weeks. It contains a blend of high active microbes and enzymes that work effectively on various types of garden and kitchen waste. This product recommends building up the compost system in layers, treating each fresh load with a sprinkling of Garotta or Vitax Compost Makers. Once the system is full, it should be left for six to eight weeks to compost down completely. The resulting compost can then be used as a mulch or soil improver in your garden. There are different options available for purchase, such as Garotta 3.5kg, Vitax 10kg, Biotal 500ml, and Biotal 500ml with 10lt Watering Can. Overall, Compost Makers can be a beneficial addition to your composting routine for efficient and effective decomposition of organic waste.

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