Centrex 3000 None Electric Composting Toilet

Centrex 3000 None Electric Composting Toilet
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The CENTREX 3000 NE is a high-capacity, non-electric composting toilet system suitable for heavy cottage or medium residential use. It features a continuous flow design with a 4″ vent stack and a large drum for efficient composting. The unit can accommodate 5 adults or families of 7 for residential/continuous use, and 8 adults or families of 10 for seasonal/vacation use.

Key Features:
– Continuous flow design with a large drum for efficient composting
– Suitable for heavy seasonal or residential use
– Can be used with a 1 pint, Ultra-low flush toilet (purchased separately)
– Optional 12-volt 1.4 watt fan recommended for heavy use
– Proper venting required as per owner’s manual guidelines

– Fan Watts: 1.4
– Height: 29 1/4″
– Width: 27 1/2″
– Length: 71″
– Weight: 95 lbs
– Shipping weight: 135 lbs
– Shipping carton dimensions: 34″ x 30″ x 62″

Overall, the CENTREX 3000 NE is a durable and reliable composting toilet system that can efficiently handle the waste needs of a medium-sized household or seasonal property.

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