Centrex 1000 None Electric Composting Toilet

Centrex 1000 None Electric Composting Toilet
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The CENTREX 1000 NE model is a non-electric composting toilet system designed for areas without access to electricity. It is intended for use with 1 pint flush toilets, which need to be purchased separately. This model does not have a built-in heating element or fan, but an optional 1.4 watt fan can be added.

The listed capacities for the CENTREX 1000 NE are as follows:
– Seasonal/Vacation use: Suitable for 4 adults or families of 6

Proper venting is required for all Sun-Mar products, following the guidelines outlined in the unit’s owner’s manual. Vent pipe should be 4″ thin-wall PVC, and drains should be 1″ OD.

Key measurements and specifications for the CENTREX 1000 NE:
– Height: 27 1/2″
– Width: 24 1/2″
– Length: 32 1/2″
– Weight: 42 lbs (shipping weight: 78 lbs)
– Shipping carton dimensions: 36″ by 27″ by 36″

For more information or to make a purchase, you can visit Sun-Mar’s webstore to view the CENTREX 1000 NE model.

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