CENTREX 1000 electric composting toilet

CENTREX 1000 electric composting toilet
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The CENTREX 1000 model is a mid-sized composting toilet system suitable for light seasonal usage with electricity. It features a built-in heating element and fan assembly, along with a 1″ drain hose. This unit is intended for use with 1 pint flush toilets that need to be purchased separately.

This model is recommended for 5 adults or families of 7 during seasonal or vacation periods. Proper ventilation is required as per the unit’s owner’s manual, with a 2″ vent pipe and 1″ OD drain necessary for all applications.

When the heater is on, the unit consumes a maximum of 2.5 Amps and 260 Watts, with an average power usage of 150 Watts when the heater is operating half the time. The fan operates at 35 Watts.

The CENTREX 1000 dimensions are 28 1/2″ in height, 24 1/2″ in width, and 32 1/2″ in length, weighing 57 lbs. The shipping weight is 80 lbs, and the shipping carton measures 32″ by 28″ by 36″.

Overall, the CENTREX 1000 offers a decent capacity for its size, suitable for seasonal use with access to electricity. Proper installation and ventilation are essential for optimal performance.

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