Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter - 4 Tier - Pre Built

Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter - 4 Tier - Pre Built
Made From Wood
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter by Original Organics is a high-quality and stylish option for eco-friendly composting. Made from British timber that is 22mm thick, it offers a sturdy and long-lasting construction compared to competitors using thinner timber. The timber is sourced from UK forestry, conforming to FSC certification and EUTR compliance standards.

This beehive-shaped composter features a classic design that adds elegance and functionality to any garden. The gabled roof can be hinged back for easy filling, with a sash cord to keep it in place. A door at the base allows for convenient access to the compost when needed.

The product comes pressure-treated with a natural timber finish and carries a 15-year guarantee against decay. It is delivered fully assembled, although in multiple parcels due to its size. It’s worth noting that as the timber may warp or twist if it dries out after being wet, this is a natural occurrence and not covered by the warranty.

Overall, this Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter is a premium and practical choice for those seeking a durable and attractive composting solution for their garden.

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