BioSpeed M1

BioSpeed M1
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

Product: BioSpeed Composter Unit

Dimensions: The BioSpeed Composter Unit measures L 80.1 in x H 62 in x D 36.5 in, with a requirement of 2 ft of operational space around the unit’s footprint.

Automatic Computer: This unit features a temperature control system, air extraction functionality, PLC display and control, sequence-controlled dispensing of finished compost, and adjustable dispensing time intervals.

Daily Capacity: The BioSpeed Composter Unit can process 34.3 gallons, 245 pounds, 0.2 cubic yards, or 0.1 metric tons of waste per day.

Electrical Consumption: The unit’s electrical consumption includes a main motor (0.75 kW), heat tracing (3 kW), fan (0.18 kW), output motor (0.25 kW), with a max consumption of 4.3 kW/h. It operates on a power supply of 200-240 vac, 50-60 Hz, 30 Amp.

Weight: The net weight of the BioSpeed Composter Unit is 1797 lbs.

Additional Features: This unit includes a lift for containers, customizations upon request, cloud connectivity, and control. Installation requirements may vary with additional features.

Service and Maintenance Programs: It is recommended to have a certified technician handle all maintenance processes to ensure the unit’s longevity. Maintenance programs are available to support your business needs.

Equipped with: The BioSpeed Composter Unit comes with an automated computer system, two composting chambers, one compost collection chamber, compost output auger, a 20-ft prefabricated container, and hydraulic lift options.

Overall, the BioSpeed Composter Unit is a comprehensive solution for efficient composting with advanced automation and service options available for long-term performance and support.

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