Biolan Quick Composter 500

Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Quick Composter 500 is a large-sized composter designed for year-round composting of biowaste. It features effective thermal insulation, enabling operation even in winter. The compact and strong construction is pest-proof, making it suitable for 2-5 households, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, and similar establishments.

Key Features:
1. Volume: 500 liters
2. Made in Finland
3. Dimensions: 118 cm (width) x 114 cm (height) x 78 cm (depth)
4. Weight: 60 kg
5. Materials: Body sections made from polyethylene and PU foam, replaceable parts constructed from polypropylene plastic and stainless steel
6. Easy to use with a lightweight primary lid, large lid for maintenance, and an adjustable ventilation system
7. Features a temperature gauge, internal air ducts for oxygen circulation, and a liquid separation plate at the bottom
8. Includes a seep-liquid outlet hose connector and a 75 mm outlet pipe connection point

Overall, the Biolan Quick Composter 500 offers convenient composting solutions for multiple households or commercial settings. Its sturdy design and thoughtful features make it a reliable choice for efficient waste management.

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