Biolan Quick Composter 220eco

Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Quick Composter 220eco is designed for year-round composting of kitchen biowaste for 1-6 persons. It features adjustable ventilation, patented ventilation system, efficient thermal insulation, moisture retention cover, and a dense structure to prevent animals from entering. The unit is manufactured in a factory powered by wind and solar energy.

Here are some key points about using the Biolan Quick Composter 220eco:

– The composter is intended for biodegradable waste only, do not add non-compostable items like plastic, chemicals, or ash.
– Use biodegradable bags if desired, but empty the waste into the composter and cover with Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material.
– Fill the composter at a consistent pace, especially during the cold season, and adjust ventilation based on temperature readings.
– Mix the waste occasionally but avoid mixing compost down to the bottom to maintain heat levels.
– Empty the composter when it’s almost full, especially during the warm season.
– Maintain proper bedding even in the cold season and avoid impeding air circulation due to ice formation.
– The composter uses microorganisms requiring oxygen, moisture, and nutrients for composting.
– Composting occurs in three phases – warming, hot, and cooling – simultaneously in different layers within the composter.

Remember not to wash the composter to preserve beneficial microorganisms, and ensure proper ventilation adjustment based on outdoor temperature. The Biolan Quick Composter 220eco offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for year-round composting needs.

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