Biolan Huussikka

Made From Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Huussikka is a thermal toilet seat designed for use with traditional privies and older models of the Biolan Composting Toilet. It is made of washable polypropylene foam and features fixing pins on the seat top for attaching it to the toilet. The package includes adhesive tapes for installation, or you can use two-sided adhesive tape for convenience.

The seat cover has a small hole for inserting a fastening string if needed. If you are using a traditional boarded top, you can use the rear part of the package as a template to create an opening for the Huussikka. The seat can also be attached to an existing opening by cutting off the attachment edging on its lower surface.

Product Number: 70575600

Overall, the Biolan Huussikka offers a practical solution for improving comfort and insulation in your composting toilet setup.

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