Biolan Exhaust Ventilator

Made From Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Exhaust Ventilator is a powerful and reliable solution for intensifying air exchange in a toilet space. With its ability to fit a 75 mm pipe and operate on a 12V DC power supply, this ventilator offers efficient performance with a power rating of 4W. It features a sturdy construction with a motor type of electronically commutated external rotor motor and ball bearings for durability.

The technical specifications of this ventilator include a voltage range of 6-15 VDC, revolutions of 4200 r.p.m., airflow of 67.0 m3/h, and operating temperature range of -20 to +75 °C. Additionally, it has a low sound pressure level of 43.0 dB(A) and meets various safety standards with approvals such as VDE, UL, CSA, and CE.

Overall, the Biolan Exhaust Ventilator seems like a well-built and efficient product that can effectively improve ventilation in a toilet environment.

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