Biolan Composting Toilet eco

Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Composting Toilet eco is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for managing solid waste and household biowaste. It efficiently composts waste without the need for water or power supply. Key features include thermal insulation, natural ventilation, odourless operation, and a durable thermal seat. The unit collects seep liquid in a canister, which can be emptied conveniently. The composting process is aided by a patented ventilation system and bark-based bulking material. The toilet is easy to clean, and maintenance guidelines are provided for optimal performance.

– Volume: 200 litres
– Dimensions: Bottom area 54 x 54 cm, Seat top area 65 x 65 cm, Height 97 cm
– Weight: 24 kg
– External diameter of outlet air pipe: 75 mm
– External diameter of liquid removal pipe: 32 mm
– Volume of seep liquid canister: 25 l
– Color: Mud-brown

Installation and usage instructions are detailed to ensure effective composting, proper ventilation control, and periodic maintenance for long-term functionality. The unit is designed for year-round use, with guidelines provided for winter operation. The compost material can be repurposed as cover soil or fertilizer for plants. Overall, the Biolan Composting Toilet eco is a reliable and sustainable solution for waste management in eco-conscious households or outdoor settings.

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