Biolan Compost and Dry Toilet Bulking Material

Made From Organic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Compost and Dry Toilet Bulking Material is a versatile blend of dried and ground conifer bark, wood, and peat designed for composting and use in dry toilets. Its key benefits include maintaining airiness in the compost mass, facilitating efficient and odourless composting.

For household biowaste, a recommended dose is about half the amount of the waste added to the compost, with adjustments for wet or odorous compost.

Garden biowaste can also benefit from this material, applied in layers with the addition of water for dry compost.

In dry toilets, a suggested amount of 2-5 dl per use is advised, ensuring to cover waste carefully, especially when composting household biowaste.

Storage wise, protecting the product from rain and storing in a warm place during winter frost is recommended. Available in 40 l and 85 l bag sizes.

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