Biolan Bulking Material for Composts and Dry Toilets

Made From Organic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Bulking Material is a peat-free blend of pine bark, moss, and biochar designed for use in composts and dry toilets.

Key features:
– Dried and crushed pine bark helps keep the compost airy, which is essential for its proper functioning.
– Moss and biochar help absorb moisture and maintain a balanced moisture content in the compost. Biochar also aids in accelerating microbial action while binding odors.
– The moss used is living peat moss harvested sustainably from bog surfaces without drying them out.

Usage tips:
– For household biowaste, cover the waste with a thin layer of bulking material, roughly half the volume of the biowaste added to the compost. Adjust the amount if the compost is overly wet or emits odors.
– For garden biowaste, layer garden waste and the bulking material in the compost. If the compost is dry, add some water to moisten it.
– For dry toilet waste, sprinkle a cup or two (approximately 2-5 dl) of the bulking material over the waste after each use. Ensure thorough coverage, especially if composting household biowaste along with toilet waste.

Storage recommendation:
– Store the product in a moisture-free environment to maintain its effectiveness.

Overall, the Biolan Bulking Material offers a sustainable and effective solution for improving compost quality and managing waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

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