Biolan Bokashi

Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Bokashi kit is designed for efficient at-home composting of organic waste through fermentation with the help of effective micro-organisms. Here are some key points about the product:

1. **Functionality**: The Bokashi bin allows for the anaerobic fermentation of a variety of organic waste, including plant-based material and small amounts of meat and fish. However, it’s important to avoid composting large bones, ashes, animal feces, liquids, and excessive amounts of meat or fish.

2. **Usage**: To effectively use the Bokashi system, layer organic waste in the bin, sprinkle Biolan EM® bran on top, tamp it down with the pressing plate, and close the lid tightly. It’s recommended to add waste daily and drain off the liquid produced during fermentation.

3. **Maintenance**: After two weeks of filling the bin, keep it at room temperature to complete the fermentation process. Remember to drain off liquid periodically and release any gas build-up by opening the lid. Once the bin is emptied, rinse it with water for cleaning.

4. **Processing**: The fermented organic waste cannot be used directly as a soil or fertilizer. Instead, it needs to be further composted to ensure it is safe and nutrient-rich. This can be done in a rodentsafe composter or a designated post-processing container with soil.

5. **Kit Contents**: The Biolan Bokashi kit includes a 10-liter bin, a perforated tray, a pressing plate, 1 kg of Biolan EM® bran, and instructions for use.

Overall, the Biolan Bokashi kit offers a convenient solution for eco-conscious individuals looking to compost organic waste effectively at home, with the added benefit of using fermentation and effective micro-organisms. It promotes responsible waste management and sustainable practices.

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