Biolan Biowaste Composter

Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The Biolan Biowaste Composter is a thermally insulated composter designed for year-round composting of kitchen waste. It features an efficient ventilation system that quickly produces compost and is dimensioned for the biowaste generated by a single family, with a volume of approximately 200 litres.

It is important to note that the composter is intended for biodegradable materials only and should not be used for items that could impede the composting process. This includes plastic, rubber, glass, chemicals, detergents, lime, and more as listed in the product description.

To use the composter effectively, empty the biowaste container into it and cover the waste with Biolan Bulking Material. Regularly adding waste, especially during the cold season, and stirring in the compost helps expedite the composting process. When unloading the composter, take care to remove the compost properly and clean the area underneath.

The Biolan Biowaste Composter has a capacity for 1-6 persons, with dimensions of 54 x 54 cm at the bottom, 62 x 63 cm for the lid, a total height of 100 cm, and a working height of 91 cm. It weighs approximately 21 kg when empty, with the lid weighing 1.5 kg.

Overall, the Biolan Biowaste Composter offers a convenient solution for efficiently composting kitchen waste for a single family, provided it is used correctly with biodegradable materials and proper maintenance practices are followed.

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