Air King composter

Air King composter
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

Product: Upcycled Recycled Plastic Composter

1. Made from 100% recycled plastic (PP)
2. Quick assembly with a practical clip-together system
3. Easy assembly without tools required
4. Provides ample oxygen supply for optimal decomposition process
5. Sturdy and winterproof design

1. Ensure placement on a level surface with soil contact for microorganisms
2. Loosen the soil before setting up
3. Avoid placing on asphalt or concrete floors
4. Best placed in a half-shady area protected from strong winds
5. Available in 3 sizes: 600L, 850L, and 1100L
6. Length x Width x Height (mm) and Weight (kg) varies based on size (see details below)

Overall, the Upcycled Recycled Plastic Composter offers eco-friendly benefits, durability, and efficient decomposition process support. Remember to follow recommended guidelines for optimal performance.

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