Aerated organic waste bin

Aerated organic waste bin
Made From Stainless Steel
Type of business: Manufacturer

The first product is a waste sorting receptacle made of virgin or recycled polypropylene that is non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and treated against UV rays. It has a capacity of 7-10 liters and is designed for organic waste sorting. The receptacle features a truncated pyramid shape with rounded edges, a square base, perforated walls for ventilation, a containment tray for liquids, an ergonomic handle, and various customization options like UV-resistant adhesives and hot stamping.

The second product is a waste sorting machine with capacities up to 500 tons, designed for wet waste and organic material sorting. It consists of two maturation chambers, a control panel, loading tanks, a natural bark biofilter, temperature sensors, emergency lock buttons, and a PLC for machine management. Optional features include remote control, loading systems with vehicles, pellet dispensers, access control, and geolocation via GPS technology.

Overall, the first product is a smaller-scale waste sorting receptacle suitable for households or smaller establishments, while the second product is a larger-scale waste sorting machine designed for industrial or commercial use with advanced features and customization options.

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