315L CompoSphere Rollable Tumbler Composter Black

315L CompoSphere Rollable Tumbler Composter Black
Made From Hard Plastic
Type of business: Manufacturer

The CompoSphere provides several benefits:
– Features gripped ridges for easy rolling, which accelerates composting process
– Holds a generous 315L of compost
– Unique spherical design helps move compost around effectively
– Made from 100% recycled plastic, promoting sustainability
– UV protected for durability in all weather conditions
– Portable and can be easily placed anywhere in the garden or allotment
– Provides a revolutionary way to make compost and transport it around the garden

– Weight: 12.5kg
– Diameter: 36 inches (approx. 91cm)
– Height: 34 inches (approx. 86cm)
– Capacity: 315 liters
– UK made

Overall, the CompoSphere offers a convenient and efficient solution for composting, with its unique design and practical features making it a valuable addition to any garden or allotment.

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