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When you buy composting worms from we promise you’ll receive the best prices and service available online. We work very hard to bring you the best worms for composting.

Below you will find three types of worms for sale.

The first is the red wiggler (Eisenia Fetida). The Red Wiggler is the king of the composting world. We highly recommend the Red Wiggler for all worm bins and indoor composting. If you are new to raising composting worms, please stick to the Red Wiggler. They’re a great “beginner” worm.

The second is the European Nightcraweler (Eisenia Hortensis). The European Nightcrawler can be used for composting, but we don’t recommend it for that purpose. Instead, we recommend using this worm as fishing bait, or an additive to your garden for increased fertility. The European Nightcrawler is also a great worm to raise and feed to reptiles, birds, and fish.

The third is the African Nightcrawler (Eudrillus Eugeniae). The African Nightcrawler can be used for composting, however, if you’re new to buying composting worms, stick to the Red Wiggler. Once you’re comfortable with the Red Wiggler then we suggest trying your hand with the African Nightcrawler.

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